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Brief introduction of irrigation technology
Release time : 2017-10-23
Source : 乐清市皓斯电气有限公司

Sprinkler irrigation is the irrigation water through the sprinkler system (or sprinkler equipment), the formation of a certain pressure of water, spray from the nozzle to the air, the formation of water droplets, sprinkle irrigation in the soil surface,Provide the necessary moisture for crop growth.

Spray irrigation than the ground irrigation can increase production of 15% -25%, irrigation uniformity can generally reach 80% -85%, the effective use of water for more than 80%, water consumption than ground irrigation 30%-50%; Sprinkler irrigation can be used for various types of soil and crops, limited by terrain conditions; can improve work efficiency 20-30 times; can improve the utilization rate of cultivated land 7% -15%. But sprinkled by the wind of the shadow Large, 3-4 above the wind should stop sprinkler irrigation. The evaporation loss of sprinkler is relatively large.

Sprinkler system components: water works, the first device, transmission and distribution piping systems and nozzles

Sprinkler system form: Pipeline sprinkler system and unit type sprinkler irrigation system

A, pipeline sprinkler irrigation system: to the distribution of water pipe network as the main body in China to use more widely.

B, unit-type sprinkler system: compact structure, the use of flexible, high utilization of machinery, irrigation units per unit of low investment in agricultural water-saving irrigation has a wide range of prospects.

It is a form of water-saving irrigation and is particularly suitable for irrigation in field crops. Compared with the ground irrigation method, this kind of irrigation method has the following advantages:

1. Water-saving; does not produce deep leakage, ground runoff, water loss is small;

2. saving up to 27%;

3. about 30% of the province;

4. Increased production by about 30%

5. Provincial workers

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